Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Please Don't Legalize Marijuana Because it May be Harmful to the User

Harmful to the user? Not always true. Keep it illegal so are kids don't use it, says a an opinion printed last week on the JS Editorial page. Certainly not true at all. Drug dealers throw wads of $100 bills around in many recreational or drinking and gambling spots in Central Illinois. HOW DO I KNOW THEY ARE DRUG DEALERS.  Here, again, I wasn't born yesterday. Kids, people, adults are using Mary Jane  or some type of weed by the dozens of thousands right here in the area. However, I'm not stupid either. I would never encourage anyone to use any type of drug,, pain pills half as much as the amounts recommended, prescription pills, often a guess by the doctor or pharmacist,, alcohol, etc. Sometimes even if prescribed by a physician. to some people who believe drugs are the answer to their self-inflicted problems.  At my age and activities, I could use 2 to 4 painkillers a day. I don't even use half a small bottle a year. Nor do I use a Chiropractor. Not for 15 or more years once I learned more on how to keep my body healthy.

But no one needs my encouragement nor will few if ant heed my warnings of the problems that usually ensue. I have lost some "friends" because I advocate the legalizing of marijuana. Sorry, but they have their heads up their a.. Sorry, but everyone has that problem more than once in their lives. The more use is denied, the more popular the use becomes. Prohibition, abstinence, etc works sometimes with quite a few.  Right, I said "sometimes".

I blogged before how my mother taught abstinence. She told me "if you bring a girl home pregnant, I will kick you both out of my house". A lesson, thankfully, I never forgot..

Here is what legalizing does. It releases hundreds of thousands of eradication employees and allows them to be rehired as preventative measures employees. It will help put many dealers out of business. Yes, they will still sell hard drugs but the "easy" money will mostly dry up.

A good part of the money now flowing to the dealers and producers will now flow to legit business and some to taxpayers.

I know the die hards, like the ones who will vote for Hillary because she is a WOMAN will be like the proverbial skippers of the Titanic.

No, I have never been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor (and never will) except by Jim and Jerry Stowell, most of the Liberal media, some jealous bloggers and the usual Merle Widmer haters who know little about what goes on in my life.

Again, so sad.

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