Friday, March 25, 2016

Yes, I Voted

Who did I vote for? Ted Cruz? Will God feel the U.S.A. is worth saving, Ted??  Marco Rubio? Dear God! The corrupt Clinton cabal? God help this confused nation of people who only read the headlines if anything!! Bernie Sanders? Would his first call be to Putin?  Kasich? Nice guy but no chance of beating Hillary. Leaves only one left who has a small chance of stopping the down-slide of this nation.

Can he be even nominated or elected? Probably not? The Establishment, the elite and the Wanna-Be Somebodies (or think they already are) would rather go down with another Titanic.

For the Peoria County Board? Not Crawford. We already have a relatively weak board. For the Dist. #150 School Board? Doesn't matter.  Too late. The unpaid board system running a soon to be $200 million dollar budget. Good grief?????

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