Friday, March 25, 2016

Black "Wanabee" Business Owners Complaints

They complain why they must put up collateral such as their all or partial ownership in their homes. I'm white and during 26 of the 28 years I owned my own business, I was required by the lenders to put up any and all of the collateral I owned before the lenders would lend me a dime.

The majority have no business experience and their work record is mostly in the public sector.

They ask for opportunity; basically ignoring the public school system to which I pay $3400 in property taxes per year to support. None of my children ever attended a Peoria Public School, yet I have paid out well over $100,000 to support. Dist #150. Ask those who are say they are being denied opportunity to own shier own businesses, how much they pay in property taxes per year..

I have many times offered my business skill but so far I have no takers other request for money only.

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