Thursday, March 24, 2016

Medias and Weak Authorities Promote Fear and Destroy Normal Commerce

Hour after hour, day after day, we are told to be scared out our wits.Actually, many people are afraid to leave their homes. Consider that 30 some innocents died. Consider that 700+ innocent young men died on the Battleship Franklin in just one engagement. Or have most young people forgotten WW2?

I and most others who are still alive from that era know that the loss of 30 some people is deeply regrettable but pales in comparison of the many wars, including the Civil War, where millions of innocents died. We are at war, despite the disbelief of many. We will not win with bombs alone.

We have terror and innocent deaths in our own country. And these deaths are caused by less than 400 total by those of Muslim birth in recent years. More than 30 innocent die every hour in the U.SA. Any one want to challenge me on that statement unless you agree it is far greater?.

Sorry but of all the remaining presidential candidate, Trump  is the only one with a mindset of what is really happening in the down-slide of this country. You may not like him or his approach but it is impossible to consider any of the other candidates who talk "boilerplate politics" they know they can never enforce.

Does Trump do that also? Sure, but he is by far the least "politically correct".Sure, unfortunately it is the nature of politicians. Has been forever and few ever change it..


Cal Skinner said...

And Trump is the only candidate who has ever created a job.

Merle Widmer said...

Thanks, Cal. I would still like to Trump's adviser for a day.