Sunday, April 19, 2015

Merle Widmer Haters Still Waiting For His Indictment on his November, 2013 Arrest?? Keep Waiting.

Are you still waiting for a former mayor to be indicted for his drunken driving? The local media mentioned it once. Or a former deceased mayor to be brought up from the grave to be hammered again by the JS and other local media for his affectionate hugs to people he THOUGHT  liked him? Or maybe bring up the deceased jeweler who the allegedly JS helped to commit suicide. Or how about bringing up Gary S. and Morton Square or Dan Irving's allegedly vindictive then soon to be his ex-wife? And then out of a job at Lincoln Office to Wid'mer Interiors benefit. Word is out that Dan is doing well in his own business. He has my best wishes.

Better yet. Have the JS keep hammering Aaron because as they wrote, "he got too close to the sun". Bring up Karen McDonald, former JS reporter who covered the Peoria County Board poorly. She appeared to be a die hard Democrat, writing as if Democrat Allen Mayer was Gods' gift to Peoria County yet winding up being a Republican Aaron's allegedly overpaid mileage staff member

Anyway, I digress. On with my predictions. Next page..

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