Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wiidmer's Predictions to Piss More People Off - Start With Die Hard Chicago Cub Fans

You  can take these predictions to the bank.

Cubs will finish no better than third unless some of the other teams are even more worse than the Cubs

Pitching is mediocre all around. Hitting is mediocre. Fielding is good. Pitching is KEY to all championships.

Both Rizzo and Castro will not match their rookie years. Why not? Complacency IN THEIR HEADS and big bucks already in their pockets.

Soler can hit the ball a mile occasionally against mediocre pitching. Can't hit in the clutch. This one I could be wrong about. But if you saw him strike out today on a bad pitch with him the tying run???

As yet unproven, I don't believe Bryant can hit major league pitching even though much of the pitching in all the leagues is an average of mediocrity.Too many leagues allows . too many 235 hitters to play in the majors.

Most Cub "hitters" don't  have much a clue about the strike zone. Did you waste your time like me watching today's game?They will finish near the bottom of walk statistics .

The coach can't bat or pitch for them.

Few of them can bunt and the squeeze bunt or sacrifice bunt is not really taught by managers in the Cub minor leagues. By the time they hit the big leagues they are believers in swinging for the fences on every pitch.

In college players realized that RBI's and batting averages were what will get them into professional ball.

My qualifications? Played on four chanpionship baseball teams. Tri-Valley, Sangamon, and Bloomington-Normal Municipal leagues. I managed in the B-N Municpal league - Bloomington Merchants. Coached baseball and fast pitch softball., Played on and managed fast pitch softball. Last game played, I caught and we won with the Stanford, Il. Independent team. Then I had to go to work and earn a real living wage The year; 1956. Last baseball game I played was in Mesa, Az. the year before the Cubs tore down Hokokum Field and replaced it with a new spring training stadium. I was 67 years old, 2nd or 3rd oldest of 50 Fantasy actual players, ages 24 -71, and hit a game winning drive over the left fielders head.  Hit 308 with 10 hits in 32 trips. Struck out twice. Authenticity? Judge Dick Eagleton was there, Royce Elliott was the Mcee and the records were all on film but probably destroyed long ago. A book was written about this 7-day Randy Hundley fantasy thrill of p;laying against Billy Williams, "Fergy" Jenkins, Billy Nicholson, Glenn Beckert, Jimmy Piersall, etc.Got most of their autographs. I was at that time a Die-Hard Cub fan.

No more. More easy predictions to follow on this site now that I sometimes feel like blogging.

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