Sunday, April 19, 2015

Planned Parenthood - From Advice Giving to Big Business?

In Sarasota, Planned Parenthood is big business. Headquarters is the most elaborate and elegant building where most executives make 6 figure salaries with considerable benefits. They all appear to drive expensive vehicles and come and go as they please. For the poor, many of them try to sell drugs,their bodies or steal to afford treatment which is expensive to those who their own fault or not, do not have the funds to stay in the program they enter. They charge $90 a visit for those addicted to smoking. Many wait for hours as employees seem to stroll around, coming and leaving anytime they wish.

Reminded me somewhat of the seemingly poorly operated Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa where I recently took cancer treatment. The Tampa doctor said I do not have Cancer. My Peoria doctor says "how does he know. He didn't take biopsys". Either way, I am prepared to whatever.

At one time in Peoria, we had 70 Social Agencies helping the poor. Results? Some good results, of course. But you be the judge as more people move out of Peoria and Dist. #150 appears to be confused abut what an education is all about. I taught. Education is not about test scores but must be geared to turning out a well rounded human being. If it takes longer hours, a later start date in the morning and more money for good teachers, with less emphasis by the union of preventing the firing of teachers who should never have been granted a degree to teach. Give us more money is not a total answer. Spending the money more wisely is more of an answer. Surely this year 150 is not paying a tennis "coach" who never played (and sit in easy chairs) the game, $4500 to supposedly coach kids who show up when they want to. Think Manual and Central.

Want them doing something athletically? Go back to Inter-murals conducted on school premises without costly travel for those sho seldom show up to practice.

Every kid  has a value even though coming from 2,3, or 4 failed generations. Years ago, I blogged that we had lost what are the greatest of priorities. Since then, this nation had further deteriorated. Religion helps but is far from an answer when one must depend on handouts to eat and live.

Some citizens should go undercover and investigate which agencies should be closed or combined, administrators dismissed.  More college grads going to school on grants,tc. should be required to work at least a year with the have-nots.

Sorry I wandered around here. Next, back to predictions.

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