Thursday, February 12, 2015

Decisions We Make Are Tough

Many are made in micro-seconds. Most of those made to quick turn out to be wrong. Some decisions are made in minutes such as the pass call made by the SeaHawks head coach in this years Super Bowl Football game. See my comments on this negative controversy on this site and on Curley Johnson's site on Facebook. Many are made to be "politically correct" (no one will ever describe me as such) If all decisions we make are the right decision, we would eliminate 30-40 million jobs in this country.

Pete Carroll of the SeaHawks made a decision no one will ever no whether it was right or wrong. He will stop second-guessing himself and will go down in history as one of the best coaches ever. He made the decision and took the heat from the couch and grandstand SeaHawk supporters as well as some of his players, one, shown holding his crotch; a sign of dis-respect from a black to a white.

Too many of us go through life second guessing our selves. "If" may be the most negative word in our vocabularies.

So sad.

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