Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Health Concerns, Suggestions, Comments, Etc.

I haven't blogged much lately largely because of problems with my new Lenovo and the software program recommended by Nerds Are Us. When my health improves I plan to call the technicians at Best Buy. Also, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June, had surgery in July and start treatments Thursday. I had bladder cancer about 14 years ago and the cancer has been in remission. Fortuantely, all tests show that the cancer has not spread but has penetrated the bladder muscle. My urologist believes it is treatable. In 2002, I had prostrate cancer and accepted the most positive cure which was Radiation Seeding which involves the placing of a lot of platinum seeds in and around the area which did kill kill the cancer and most any OTHER activity in the area. In the mid-eighties, I was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and neuropathy. In 2004, I had a triple-by-pass. At the age of 19, I lost 2/3 rds hearing in my right ear which started the onset of tinnitus in my ears which is present at all times. In the year 2000, I started wearing a hearing aid which still leaves me hard hearing especially if there is background interference. I still play winning tennis 2-3 times a week here in Peoria and in the winter at Payne Park in Sarasota. I won my last Tri-County in 2010. I still do my stretching and excercises and have regular check-ups with my family doctor, David Rodenburg, the best, my heart doctor, dermatologist and my urologist. I handle my own investments.Jerry Stowell left a high-school teaching position (believe the JS said he was relieved of at least his coaching position) and head basketball coach for a teaching position at a middle school in Sarasota. It was Jerry who sent an email about my arrest in Sarasota to his arrogant brother, Jim, who one time worked for my company; he is a stock broker who I  gave my hard-earned money, who in return sent this misdemeanor charge arrest to everyone he could think of that would print this "breaking news". And of course they did. For my detractors, mainly Obama lovers, who daily hope to hear about my being convicted may have to wait forever. Sorry if I disappoint. Back to my health suggestions. Get regular check-ups. It was Dr. Rodenburg, who strongly advised me to get a cancer check-up that may eventually save my live. My next birthday will be my 90th so I relish everyday I still can be a pain in the ass to my detractors who hate to see my predictions come true. I don't like it either as I have tried to help Peoria succeed without Peorian's being overtaxed, which they are, public school education improved, our lives made safer and our streets, etc., properly maintained. Which they aren't. As about the only prediction I have been wrong on is that I did not believe Bergners would keep two stores in Peoria. I sure wasn't wrong on Obama (despite the growth of the stock market as one Democrat detractor claims) is a sure sign Obama is doing a great job. Hmmm. Hope my doctors help keep me healthy and active well into my ninties. My wife Claire, is working hard to overcome her diseases which makes our lives better in all ways. We both support each other despite numerous obstacles on both our part and a somewhat hateful press. I still have friends in the media who recognize me for what I have done for this community over 50 years. The commpany I formed with three people in 1964 still bears my name despite my selling my company over 22 years ago. They are the leading office interior and design company in Peoria by far. Sorry about any mispellings as my spell-check still doesn't work.

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First results show no malignant cancer cells in urine. Further results will be known by the end of October.