Monday, September 24, 2012

DOE Secretly Drops Case Against Pakistan's Sale of US Weapons to Taliban

USDOE has secretly dropped charges against Pakistan for selling U.S. weapons to the Taliban. Rumor has it that the #3 person at the DOE has Taliban connections.

Can this be? Are we to have our highest leaders reenact Chamberlain and appease our enemies whose undying aim is to destroy this nation? Why is the "shining beacon on the hill" fading and will we let this light continue to die?

While theObama and Democrat politicians and the  liberal press leads the voter into mindless games of income taxes,  continue to mislead us as to who the poor really are, those qualified but can't find jobs, about who all Republicans and all other parties should be concerned. Rather than exposing Obama and Democrats attempts to make everybody feel good about the sorry direction this country is really heading?

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