Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Buys Into Half-Truths

Yesterday, in his defense of the views of his "mentor", Obama talked about racial injustice citing a lack of funding for inner-city schools and a general lack of economic opportunity for blacks. He didn't mention the massive amounts of government dollars already spent that were supposed to address these problems nor did he mention the culture of dependency they ingrained. He talked about black anger mirrored in white resentment. He talked about white woman's failures to break the glass ceiling, (wrong again as more are breaking this "glass mirror" every day) the shuttered mill and the laid off white man, lack of health care and soldiers who fought in a war that should have never been started. By including whites, while avoiding mentioning illegal Hispanics and other minorities, he talks of the changes he would make as binding all of this country's particular grievances lamented by all those who feel oppressed.

The cause of all this misery? The usual; short term greed, corporate excesses, cheating by the elite; white elite, of course, the power of lobbyists with special interests gaining economic policies that favor the few over the many, the straw men populists of Wall Street and the GOP.

His typical ultra-liberal Democrat policies are to raise taxes, invest more in social programs, many are failing like the Boys and Girls Club in Peoria (come visit with me and see for yourself) restrict trade and retreat from Iraq where he says he would never have gone anyway. His "change" ideas are nothing new and his "chattering" about lack of education and opportunity are dead wrong. As to lack of opportunity in education, he should visit some of the classrooms I visit and see what these failing kids do with their time. Martin Luther King would be very sad and possibly angry but his message would be far different from the message of victimization preached by Obama and his ilk. Why does Obama think that there are 11 million (a guess) illegals in the U.S.A. right now doing jobs that could be filled by the uneducated and dropout people who are always blaming someone else for their failures?

The future of this country lies in the hands of those with a work ethic and a desire to learn a skill being sought by both the private and public sector.

This is not the man that will unite the country. This is a man that will revive Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" that has had only a modicum of success and are responsible for the three or four failed generations now dragging down our public school systems.

Some truths in what he says and believes? Absolutely, that is the way of those who seek to offer false hope to those who are truly in need.


postsimian said...

One thing I've never understood about you right-wingers is how you can take a plea for reconciliation and call it a tool of divisiveness. Obviously, the intent was to reconcile. Even Clinton said she was happy he made the speech. So, I guess that means the ones using it as a tool to divide would be... Republicans?

Gee, there's a surprise.

AdamB said...

You're exactly what he means when he says that many white people dismiss blacks' claims as imaginary.

White elite, huh? Is there some other elite?

Even the first sentence of this post is factually incorrect. Obama spoke at great lengths REJECTING "the views of his 'mentor'".

You must be part of the bitter older generation. Just get out of the way and leave it to us. To be honest, you've had your chance and where we are today is the result of the policies of your generation.

Not to say that things didn't gotten better in past decades; in many ways things could be worse.

But there are still a lot of problems needing fixing that you've left undone. Get out of the way and let us fix them, rather than whine about how awesome you are and if you couldn't fix it then nobody can. We don't care if you don't think it'll work. You had your chance, now it's our turn.

Merle Widmer said...


You write "not to say things didn't gotten better" and call yourself an intellect??

At no point have I ever posed as an "intellect". Just a perosn of common sense, an attribute hard to find in some of today's academia.

You have blinded yourself to the fact that Obama sat thru some of his preacher and MENTOR's worst rants and didn't say anything until he was exposed. More exposures will be made public before this election in November.

AdamB said...

Where do I call myself an "intellect", as you allege?

Find it or retract your statement.

Anonymous said...

It is so interesting that people like you are quick to talk about Obama sitting in church and listening to what his Pastor said. Especially when it is ok to have the Likes of Pat Robertson John Haggie, and the late Jerry Falwell make outrages comments about others. I certainly don't agree with what his Pastor said. Neither does Obama. However it is ok to have the Pastors I mentioned make the same kinds or worst statements and no one says a thing. By the way, have you listened to the statements of Rev. Ron Parsley?

Merle Widmer said...


None of the ones you mentioned are or ever did run for president of the U.S.