Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Explains - It's the Great Racial Divide

Dear Senator Obama,

I listened to your speech today explaining that it's all the "great racial divide" in this country between black and white people, rich and poor, privileged and those not. Sorry, the informed voter is not going to buy that. I believe the informed voter believes that any black person, any inter-racial person, any person of any race or color or gender, can be friends, can be their equals or superiors, their governor or president. It's all in the "culture" of the individual, not the race.

A while back I blogged that there is some discrimination against everybody. Men, women, bosses, smokers, non-smokers, hookers, drinkers, non-drinkers, church goers, secular folks, ACLU, radical environmentalists, big businesses, farmers both rich and poor, shop workers, day laborers, gays, Italians, Jews, Hispanics, Irish, rich and richer, Chinese, Japanese, bloggers, writers, coaches who were promoted to principals, union members, non-union members, Democrats, Republicans, mother-in-laws, black people, Yale vs. Eureka College, Greeks on campuses, country clubs among themselves or non country club members, independents - how far do I need to go to get my message across that all of these above named groups are most often friends, sometimes enemies, sometimes ignored or tolerated, sometimes bullied or put down, sometimes friendly acquaintances,etc?

A few radical black people, yes, Barack Obama, your wife, your minister and many of the members of your and his church are radicals, some of them are open about it like Farakand sp? and Pastor Wright. Others, like you, are educated to know they must pose in what I call "sheep's clothing" believing they have the knowledge to advise all the black (and some white people) who they have an opportunity to lead that their followers are "victims of a white society".

I ask that you look in my sidebar archive dated 9/19/05, where I wrote a blog called "Victimization". This blog pretty well sums up real life and not the one the Obama's live. Leaders like the educated Obama's subtiety blame the white's for causing discrimination and racial hatred accepted almost as gospel by many educated and uneducated blacks, the poor, the downtrodden, the lazy, the unemployed and the wise guys; drug dealers and many users, robbers, murderers and thiefs.

Are there discrimination's and are some people victimized? You bet. Just don't make victimization a theme song. Lead the way as Robert Kennedy said, "Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, (not perceived injustice) s/he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

Or "Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad." (attributed to Euripides) By just being overly angry over perceived or actual acts of injustice will only lead to the incarceration of more angry proportionately uneducated black people.

No, Senator Obama, your speech today did not explain your statements that you did not know your 20 year friend, mentor and minister was preaching racial hatred and division. Your charisma and demagoguery should be "seen through" by the informed voter. If not, I fear for this great country.

I suspect Bill Cosby has not endorsed you nor do I suspect he will. You should read Cosby, Juan Williams, Ward Connerly and Bill Gates to name a very few. They understand the problems among the cultures far better than you.


AdamB said...

Ok, what's the difference between injustice and perceived injustice?

I'll spot you the answer: You don't think blacks' claims of racila injustice are legitimate. You think it's all imaginary, due to a culture of victimization.

You think white privilege doesn't exist? You don't think we live in a culture that privileges whiteness? Hell, you're a walking example of that and you don't even know it! This post CONFIRMS what Obama was talking about. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks though, so I suppose you're not to blame--how many black classmates did you have at ol' Congerville High anyway?

Look, I agree with you and Barack that people need to take responsibility for their own destinies. But comparing the discrimination against non-whites to "discrimination" against mother-in-laws is painfully ignorant.

I wonder what you'd think about this site:
or this one

If you'd invested 20 seconds of googling, you could have learned what Cosby has to say:

Asked to comment on the Barack Obama movement sweeping the nation, Cosby said the presidential candidate's achievement should serve as a testimony for black youth that education and hard work actually does pay off.

"The important thing is people need to show him in the classrooms, show him in the recreation centers, because there's a new player in town," Cosby told Bailey. "He's not dribbling a ball, he's not running the hundred meters, but he's talking and he's using what used to be a mantra, and that is education.

"He is someone that we need to use as an example for our children who are thinking about education not being a tool to move ahead in this world. This man can go anyplace he wants to go, with his education, his mind, his dedication, his work ethic. That's what our children need to see, need to believe in. It needs to be taught to them. It's better than making a lot of music, or, what is it, 'get rich or die trying.'"

Asked if his comments served as an endorsement of Obama, Cosby refused to answer.

"When I walk in the voting booth, that's me," he said. "I got one last thing to do, and it's my business. Even my wife doesn't know where I'm going."


Merle Widmer said...

Cosby didn't endorse Obama. He said Obama said "the right things". Cosby said no one would know how he votes except the ballot box. If Cosby believed Obama, he would endorse him now.

I do not believe what the man is saying. Many blacks don't believe him either. There is proof Obama sat thru his MENTOR's sermons of hate. Why didn't he speak up before he got cornered by the truth?

AdamB said...

Cosby made it clear he wasn't going to be endorsing anybody. I haven't found any evidence that he has endorsed any politician in the past, although his past political contributions can be found here:

You'll note that all of his beneficiaries have been Democrats, most notably Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Is every candidate supposed to preemptively publicly denounce everything he hears? Rev. Wright was famous for his social work long before gaining notoriety for his hateful rhetoric.

I personally find it unlikely that anybody with much sense thinks Obama honestly holds these views, being born and raised by a white mother. I think it's being deliberately and cynically played up as a divisive issue. Luckily most people these days are smart enough to see through those old-time racial politics.

If you really want to see the end of victimization politics and poverty pimping, vote for Obama. As Wanda Sykes says, "You can't complain about The Man if when you are The Man" (h/t Peoria Pundit). No candidate has been a more consistent, credible candidate for personal responsibility than Barack Obama. (Not even McCain, whom I also respect greatly.)

AdamB said...

Also note McCain has not just one bigoted minister but two:

John Hagee, whose endorsement McCain actively sought:

Rod Parsley, whom McCain called "a spiritual guide":

And how about when O'Reilly called on him to protect the "white, Christian, male power structure"? He didn't reject that; he just smiled and nodded.
shorter version here:

That certainly doesn't make Wright's statements any less wicked or stupid, but you can see why statements like O'Reilly's help make Wright paranoid:

Anonymous said...
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