Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama - Could be first President in my Lifetime I feel Would be a Threat to Our Nation

Obama has been listening to "hate America" all of his life. More sad truths will come out in the upcoming months. If half of the stories circulating now are true, he should drop out of the campaign and out of political office.

How can Obama claim to not know what his preacher is saying; a man he calls his "mentor", a man that married he and his wife and baptized his children?
How can you know person this well, attend his church and listen to his mentoring without really knowing what this preacher is saying to his flock?


Peoria AntiPundit said...

You have been listening to Limbaugh way too much.

M.S. Mehl said...

you're absolutely right. Anyone who believes Obama's statement that he doesn't know his preacher's opinions is sticking their head in the sand.
I fear Obama and his hidden agenda.
There are, ignore it or not, many black people in this country who want revenge for the sins of the white man's great, great, great grandfather.
It's a real shame. I think Obama has a lot of potential. He is as good behind a podium as President Reagan was. I wish his view weren't so far left.

Merle Widmer said...


I haven't listened to Rush for years. He is no asset to the Republican party that I support.

I've heard that Rush was not a fan of McCain. I don't know what he is saying about Obama but I believe that Obama, his wife and his minister are not patriots and that Rush is.

Judge a person by the company he or she keeps always proves to be pretty accurate.

postsimian said...

If we're going to pretend to give credibility to this nonsense that there's a secret conspiracy to undermine the American way by Obama and his supporters, then how about we give some credibility to other ridiculous conspiracy theories:

1) Anything having to do with aliens
2) That Bush was behind 9/11
3) Any of the JFK conspiracy theories. Pick one.
4) Anything involving the illuminati or freemasons.
5) The McCarthy-era paranoia that communists were secretly working to undermine democracy in the U.S.
6) That Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

They're all equally valid--that is, they're all complete B.S. and would make more sense in a Tom Clancy novel than in a place called Reality, Earth.

AdamB said...

Good grief. Get a hold of yourself, Merle!

Anonymous said...

You my friend are unbelieveable!!!! How many times have white ministers stood behine the pulpit and preached bigotry and you all sat and listened to it. John Hagge call the Catholic church a whore and makes really negative and asinine statements about the Jewish people. John McCain personnaly went to John Haggie to gethis support. But that really all right to you

You are just a hyocrite and bigot. Your attitude is one of the reason this country cannot come to grips with the whole issue of racism, sexism and all of the other ism's
Get a life.

Merle Widmer said...

Read my blog posted today on my site about alledged and actual "lies" from the mouth and writings of Obama. I offer you Obama "change" blievers to refute them all or any on my site.

Posted 5/22/08