Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama: My way or the Highway

Pass "my" bill right away or I'll blame the Republicans for not fueling the economy by creating union jobs and and big spenders. Also, tax the rich like Warren Buffett. Buffett pays more taxes then half the people in Peoria. Plus, it is a known fact that 42% of all adults do not pay any federal income taxes but Obama by magic is going to cut those "phantom" taxes by 50%. He said so again tonight.

He is going to pay small business people to hire new workers. What a joke. I owned my own business and met a payroll but I didn't hire people if I didn't believe they would add to bottom line profits. And what's to stop shrewd business people from firing some marginal people and then get paid for hiring replacements. Oh, the law prevents that. Fine,then who enforces the law? Easy answer. Hire more bureaucrats and create for federal jobs. These bureaucrats will need new office building and will hire a lot of help.

All this will create more jobs and stimulate the economy. Who will pay for all this? He will let us know soon but not tonight.

Obama talked about selling American made products to countries like South Korea. At the same time he halts every effort to have free trade with South Korea, Columbia, Panama, ect., as he placates the unions bosses who are in opposition to free trade.

He says make more things in the U.S. instead of foreign countries, while his puppets foist more regulations on almost all U.S. businesses with perhaps the exception of General Electric, GM and other companies that finance his election runs.

Oh, and he will fund new school, we have $90 million already here in Peoria that property tax payers will be paying for starting next year or 2013 and extended for 30years because the district had to borrow all the money.

He's going to hire a lot of new teachers, averages say 30% are not qualified to teach kids. Kids whose parents have not sacrificed to send them to private schools where they have a much better chance of getting an education.

This man and his ilk look more like Chavez and his ilk. Union bosses like Hoffa and Trunka were smiling like folks eating bumblebees. They secretly and some openly oppose the private sector making profits; profits that support the public sector including schools, parks and infrastructure. Without profits, capitalism fails which would please probably 30% of the registered voters.

What a phony our president is. But I don't believe the Republicans have yet found a candidate for 2012 who can retire him, permanently, I would hope. A big task as right now more than 40% of registered voters would vote for Obama if an election were held this November. No matter who the Republicans pick, many Republicans will stay at home and not vote just like they didn't vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Maybe we Tea Party and Independents can get out enough votes for an independent Republican candidate to win. If anyone tries to heavily promote a third party, Obama is a shoo-in for reelection. And accelerate our slide to Socialism or worse.

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