Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tennis- Peoria Central Girls

In a match played this week between Richwoods and Central, the total games won by Central was 5. Total games won by Richwoods: 106.

The matches were played at Peoria Park District's Bradley Park, Central's home field where they also "practice".

The Central coach gets paid for "coaching" this team?? This pay adds to their retirement fund. A driver, using a taxpayer paid vehicle gets paid to haul these kids to Bradley Park and of course, paid while this driver or drivers wait.

Central is a large school made of mostly of black kids. Blacks don't play tennis, of course, because tennis is a "white" sport. Most blacks have never heard of the black Williams sisters who make large millions of dollars playing tennis and posing for advertisements.

What a shame. Part of the blame lays with the parents, principal and the coach for failing to try to arouse interest in playing minor sports. A great deal of the blame lays with the Superintendent for not paying any attention to what is going on in minor sports at Manual and Central.

Some will say it keeps these Central girls off the streets and out of trouble. Hmmm. If that what administration believes, they should bring back intermural or intramural competition in minor sport activities.

Participants wouldn't be on the streets, then would they? And the school wouldn't embarrass themselves and the district would save money while involving more kids to play and have fun.

Not much fun in losing 106 games while winning 5? But then maybe the coach or coaches should hold practices, right?

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