Friday, September 30, 2011

JS and AP Criticizes Rutherford and Topinka For Salary Increases to Non-Union Staff

The headline in the JS on 9/27/11, stated, "While critical of the state's fiscal crisis, Rutherford and Topinka awarded raises to staffers." Elected governmental officials usually, but not always, give raises to non-union staff commensurate with raises given to the unionized employees.

These raises will cost taxpayers $305,000.00 this year.

Left out of the headlines and buried further from the headlines criticizing the two Republicans, was the mention that Democrat Jesse White handed out $936,000 to his non-union staffers this year.

It's the headlines most people read and get a fixed perception. The liberal press is schooled in conveying perceptions it if fits their agenda, and believe me, they have agendas.

Further into the article, it states that Rutherford gave the raises because more responsibilities were added, at the same time not increasing his budget.

As for Topinka, also deeper into the article, it states that the unions got a 4.5 pay increase while Topinka's staff received only 3% raises. Topinka's staff also took on more responsibilities.

Fair and balanced reporting? Sure.

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