Friday, September 30, 2011

Christie Not Running for Republican President Because He is Too Much Like the Demagogue We Now Have in Office

The Wall Street Journal today reports, "As Christie Clamor Grows, His Positions Face Scrutiny."

Do they ever! Wise Republicans and Independents like myself, favor more natural gas and cleaner coal production. Christie sides with the Greens and last year passed offshore wind laws that will increase electricity costs by more than 2% while killing thousands of birds. (The radical enviros ignore wind turbines killing millions of birds while attacking oil and gas companies for killing 28 birds. (See "A Bird Brained Prosecution, Indicting oil and gas companies but giving wind turbines a pass," in today's WSJ.

He wants to phase out coal fired power plants. He opposes off shore drilling. While he criticized ObamaCare, his state of New Jersey, did not file a lawsuit against the current administration as a majority of other states did,

He favors giving the gangs more fire power while restricting the rights of citizens to protect themselves as the people in Bahrain now find themselves from their own government. If Obama is reelected that day may come sooner than some think in the U.S.

This administration even gave or sold assault weapons to use against our own law enforcement people and innocent border state citizens. (Obama wants to ban all citizen owned guns while Christie wants more control and the ban of assault weapons).

He imposed a one year ban on on natural gas extraction known as "fracking" now widely used by others.

He opposed the need of parental approval for underage daughters having abortions.

He pursued only a handful of illegal immigration cases during his nine years as U.S. attorney in New Jersey, and in 2008 he told a Latino group that "being in this country without proper documentation is NOT a crime."

It appears he is out of step with most conservatives and more in line with Obama. Plus he is hardly a poster candidate for the control of obesity, a disease that is proven to shorten peoples lives and cause ailments, mainly heart, back and knee problems, adding to the cost of taxpayer financed health care.

For me, that makes Cain and Romney as the pair that could win the election and stop our speed towards Socialism and worse

While Romney's actions have been pretty thoroughly scrutinized by the press, I still don't know that much about Cain.

Except that he is beginning to look like the person who I could support in this presidential race. Either as President of V-P.

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