Monday, December 13, 2010

GOP and White House Renew Corn Ethanol Subsidies

Just another cost to the taxpayers of $4.9 billion a year, the full amount from last year. Actually, taxpayers are paying more because of the pollution caused by hundreds of thousands of big trucks, that also tear up our roadbeds, because ethanol must be transported by truck rather than pipes like oil and gas. And by the polluting factories involved. I'm afraid that with all the Tea Party group effort, I don't expect that any representative to any government body is going to stop "bringing home the bacon" to support those "big money" special interests who elected and will keep them in office. Not only did both parties, led by Iowas Senators Grassley and Harkin, abandon their pledges to reduce handouts, they also voted to maintain the $.54 per gallon tariff on ethanol imports.

And our own Senator Schock wants us to use 25% ethanol in our gasoline. The farm vote and Caterpillar and ADM keep Aaron in office.

Keep stifling free trade and "protecting our people" and our future as the leader of the "free" world is defunct. If you read closely and follow Obama's actions, we are now the "shining city on the hill, the great protector of democracy".

Sure, Brazil runs most of their vehicles with ethanol blends but their ethanol is made from sugar cane while our is made from a major food source.

The recently passed tax bill revives a $1 a gallon biodiesel tax credit at a cost of an additional $2 billion. The bill also contains $202 million for "incentives for alternate fuel," $331 million for maintaining railroad tracks; this is exactly the the business behavior the Republicans told the TP people they wouldn't engage in.

Don't bet the farm that Obama won't be reelected in 2012. This country is to greedy to stop accepting handouts and that includes the wealthy.

So sad. A large majority in this country should be ashamed. Including most union bosses.

But at least I have learned enough to stop putting my money in political parties and candidates without platforms or platforms that are falsely redundant. Really honest people I will still support. Karrie Alms, a losing independent candidate for the Peoria County Board, was one of those few, but the makeup of her district (read into that what you wish) prevented her election.

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Anonymous said...

Merle, The ethanol is moved by train from the various ethanol plants to the oil refineries. Go down to ADM in Peoria or to Pekin Aventine or the TZPR yard in East Peoria and you will see many tank cars that move the ethanol. Ed Sanders