Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Happened to Gas Mart??

This filling station at the corner of Glen and Sheridan Rd. is closed and stripped of all merchandise. When the new owners took over approximately a couple years ago, this statipn undercut most prices of the majors. Then they fluctuated higher, lower of same as. Suddenly they are gone.

What happened? Anyone know. Also, what happened to the party goods store in University Square, its gone whose owner proudly claimed he could help revive the economy when he went into business less than 18 month ago. New location or what?

Someone posted a comment on my site about how wrong I was about few, if any, new businesses moving in. The first one I called with a Parish St. address said they had been there for many years. I would like to know who has moved into Peoria County in the past 2 years, how many they employ, etc., so I may credit them on this site.

Have to stop now and listen to President Obama whose charisma is wearing thin on many, many people.


Anonymous said...

steve weibring writes

this is big steve, did not the owner make a lot of enemies under cutting prices, and did not one of the enemies had some influence. They got some dirt on the owner and stuck it to them with all their might. Just some employers treat their employees like they are dogs woof woof

Anonymous said...

Steve J Weibring

writes this steve, its the secret code of peoria, make an enemy in business, crush em crush em

Anonymous said...

Bob Bonjour writes

this is bob bonjour let all the powers of evil attach me bob bonjour

but the story goes when the gas mart was humming, the next door business run by a tri state killer, he call the authorities and plead with them to crush the gas mart

you can stick to me, bob bonjour with everything you got baby

bob I drive a white chevy pickup truck bonjour

Anonymous said...

bob bonjour

over their customer cars spilling over into businesses lots

hope you have me, bob bonjour, fired

Anonymous said...

Rod Mckiminson writes

thus is rod also maybe tha authorities and enemies hated him cause he was jew too

when don't like people you call a jew

Anonymous said...

steve j Weibring

writes this is steve hey maybe they give me, steve j weibring the rack! like the gas mart