Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Interim Superintendent at PPS District #150

Norm Durflinger of Morton, Il. has been promoted from deputy administrator to interim Administrator for the next 180 days. Mr. Durflinger, once Superintendent of Morton Public Schools and, I believe, still the Mayor of Morton, was originally brought in to Peoria's system as interim treasurer.

With the areas largest school system in turmoil, the City of Peoria trying to cover a $14 1/2 million budget deficit, my stock value in the ball park eroding yearly, the PPD zoo financially unable to complete the expansion, the PPD financially unable to complete the long promised ball fields, the museum funding being borne largely by the taxpayer, a reverse of the promise of the museum promoters "movers and shakers", museum private funding very questionable, more businesses moving out of Peoria than moving in, the status of Globe Energy questionable, and not much news out of the largely taxpayer supported battery maker, FireFly, a $48 million new county nursing home, $44 million to be borrowed, few well paying jobs included in all the new construction, Caterpillar moving more people out of Peoria, a nearly bankrupt State of Illinois, a Federal Government racking up debts beyond the comprehension of our most talented leaders, a greater demand for more charitable dollars when unemployment is at least 10% and probably actually closer to 15%, homicides in Peoria on the rise, empty building dot the landscape, the poor getting poorer....

But, hey, the stock market is up, that is if you have money to invest and invest in the right stocks or if you are employed by a public entity or enjoying a large pension or pensions and are a stock market winner, I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

For the lucky ones who do not care about having a lot of wealth, who are good workers and family builders, who attain successes not measured by dollars, I wish you a most merry Christmas and a most successful New Year.

And thank you for being you.

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Diane Vespa said...

Things are a mess aren't they?