Friday, December 04, 2009

Erik Bush, Chief Financial Officer, Peoria County

Mr. Bush has written an informative article in the IB (InterBusiness Issue. December 2009, title "Business and Government - What can we learn from on another?" (Page 66-68)
Erik was the first to fill this newly created (and badly needed) position created by the Peoria County Board. He has done an excellent job as the article so attests. Since I come from the taxpaying private sector, Erik and I have some interesting debates.

Erik is a competitive runner who enjoys the sport and has had considerable successes which hopefully, he will pass some history to me which I will post on a future blog.


Anonymous said...

Steve J Weibring

writes this is big steve merle you organize us. Have 50,000 unemployeed people apply to the place you thinks sucks in peoria, so they could have a stack of resumes to the moon to go through to pressure to be a better company and hire more

Jon said...

I like very much what I've seen from Erik Bush. I read the article from IB but thought he played it a little too political - I think he could have, and probably wanted to, say at lot more. At times, I've seen him on the blogs and he seems much more forthright. However, I haven't seen him on the blogs for a while - there was an issue, if I recall correctly, that he appeared to get a bit miffed and some people were put off seemingly because Erik, as a public official, spoke his mind.

I may not agree with a lot of what you say, Merle :) (at least on politics), but I respect your speaking your mind despite the backlash it seems to unfairly cause to many public officials.

Merle Widmer said...

Jon, What I write "unfairly causes a backlash to public officials??" In most cases, if the truth were really know, I am far to kind.

Do you think the majority of thinking Americans are happy with the "best and brighest" leadership that has gotten us in the major messes we are in?

I am a public official going on 10 years. No one, publickly has critized my performance with proof I was wrong on positions I have taken.

As to mess we are in?; we haven't seen the worst. It's coming.