Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peoria County Wage Freeze

Steve Sonnemaker, County Clerk released the following information: "The County Clerk will comply with the proposed hiring freeze policy. However, as stated with the county board's policy, certain exceptions may apply. Employee replacement, due to reductions of employee's through retirement of other forms of employment termination will be addressed based on need as any employee reductions will reduce our ability to perform our mission and serve the public in an efficient manner.

The county clerk will enact a wage freeze until further notice for all county clerk employees not covered under contract (union). Due to legal limitations on the county board's ability to reduce an elected officials salary, in the course of one's term, I, as the elected County Clerk will make a check, from personal funds, payable to the county each month beginning in December, 2009 (date when the county board approved 4% salary increase goes into effect) in an amount that will equal the benefit I would have received from the increase through November, 2010."

Thanks, Steve. In his July 30 release, Steve listed other cost reductions actions he is taking. A copy of his full statement may be received from our Administrative Secretary, Patricia Sims. I will post any other elected officials statements similar to Steve's as I hear of them.

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