Monday, August 17, 2009

County Budget Problems

Rest assured, dear property tax payer, that this County Board will not be passing any property or sales taxes disguised as fees but this county will be looking at businesses and others whose properties are alledgedly under-assessed. Let the sheriff raise some fees on law-breakers. There, I have no problem.

It was called to our attention in recent days that a small % of businesses tax records reviewed showed that 13 businesses have been allegedly under-assessed by an annual average amount of $2,341,639.00. Nine of these businesses are owned by out of state corporations. All this while a large number of residential properties have actually been over-assessed, not "alledged".

See Dewayne Bartels, Peoria-Times Observer on the net or his upcoming exposure in Wednesday's newspaper.

Come to our full board meeting on September 10 when citizen Del Bertschy will make a 2nd presentation before the full board as to why and how this could be happening.

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