Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roy Innis - Black American Hero

Author Roy Innis, Chairman of Congress for Racial Equality is not an Obama fan. And probably not a strong McCain supporter either. His new book "Energy Keepers - Energy Killers", cites energy as the "New Civil Rights Battle".

Every person concerned about our energy future should read this book.

Ennis says there is no real, measurable energy in all the so called "energy plans" coming out of Congress, the states and the candidates. These "social change" movements have decided we can't have the energy we need to run our lives with fossil fuels because of global warming which will end our world even though they cannot prove it.

He says "starve America first" could be the environmentalist motto. We've got more energy imprisoned in "wilderness areas" and buried in "nature preserve" graveyards than most nations have combined.Environmental groups lobbied every one of those areas out of reach with money from wealthy foundations, many of which hold substantial alternate energy stocks n their endowment portfolios".

Trillions of cubic feet of recoverable natural gas, billions of barrels of recoverable oil and billions of tons of coal that can be processed into clean coal are owned by environmental groups. As soon as recoverable fossil fuel was discovered, environmental groups immediately bought up all this land to keep this tremendous source of fuel from ever being recovered. These same groups lobbied our government to preserve these land for all our people for eternity.

Ennis says that rationality has nothing to do with these environmentalists or this issue. It's just a swarm of beliefs, value, attitude and dismissive waves of the hand--like, don't bother me with facts and cries for justice of the the disadvantaged, the poor and the minorities--the very people whose civil rights get trampled first. In fact, environmentalist would rather see you jobless, homeless even dead than to support fossil fuel use, even the best, cleanest and most abundant.

Innis says our leaders insist on stopping America's domestic oil and gas production, restricting the use of coal, further delaying nuclear clean air power plants and imposing ridiculous "cap and trade" schemes that will raise the price of energy beyond the reach of the poor, all in the name of reducing industrial emissions.

The Federal land belongs to all Americans as much as to some ambitious influence peddler or some politician who thinks they are energy monarchs doing the "will of the people". I suspect as time goes on and the cost of energy continues to rise the mis-led people will change their wills.

Let's not overlook these facts: "Global temperatures vary naturally, 10,000 years ago the glaciers started receding from Central Illinois". Antarctica is getting colder. Check it out.

Carbon Dioxide make up only a very small part of our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, mostly water vapor, make up the other 95%.

Fact: Right now 85% of American energy comes from fossil fuels, 8.2% from nuclear energy and only 6.9% from renewable fuels including only 0.3% from wind power. If you have seen windmills stretchering almost 25 miles east of Bloomington and then realize of all the wind farms all ready built we would need more than 30 times the number already buit nationwide destroying our beautiful countrysides to get up to 10%of renewable fuel from wind.

And at what cost? All these windmills are subsidized and what will happen to them when we develop less intrusive methods than these ugly, noisy windmills. Will they mar our countrysides forever?

I have written a number of blogs on how radical environmentalist are destroying our standard of living. Refer to my blogs of 9/2/08, 3/15/08, 6/02/06, 6/04/06, 6/06/06, 6/11/06 and one in between I've misfiled.

The leading radical environmentalist in Central Illinois is Tom Edwards and many members of the Sierra Club. Edwards appears almost every month before the County Board trying to compare the relatively safe PDC metallic dry waste hazardous site with toxic old organic landfills in New Jersey, most started in the 70's when there were no restrictions such as the ones that now are enforced by the IEPA and adhered to by PDC's hazardous waste landfill operators at Pottstown.

The radical environmentalists and their supporters, have won this battle unless PDC appeals to a higher court and the part of the community and part of the County Board, who feel the PDC site is a future danger, have lost the perpetual maintenance fund that was part of PDC offer to the Peoria County Board.

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