Sunday, October 19, 2008

Desperation of the Democrat Central Committee

Another lie perpetuated by Jehan Gordon and evidently endorsed by Democrat hierarchy is running on TV. This ad is a disgrace to the whole Democrat Party. Gordon continues to say that "Joan Krupa, while on the County Board raised her salary up and up and up and up". Gordon doesn't say how many dollars but leads the believer to stratospheric heights.

This a continued blatant lie. I have a copy of a document dated 6/20/1980 and signed by the Executive Committee of the Peoria County Board, Barton C. Rochman, Chairman, setting the salaries of County Board members elected in 1982-1984 at $5200 a year. The period Ms. Gordon is accusing Joan Krupa of raising Krupa's own salary was from 1989-93.

Seven years later, county board member salaries were $5400 or an increase over 6-7 years of $200. An increase of only $200 a year from 1984-2000, a period of time Joan Krupa was on the board.

I gave this information in a letter to the editors of the JSEB, yet for some reason, they edited this from my letter.

Jehan Gordon is a blatant liar and those who write these ads, those who endorse her come under some intense scrutiny as to their own character.

Some Democrats and some Republicans tell me they would never vote other than the party line. That means they would vote for our current disgraceful Democrat Governor and vote for our disgraced former governor when he comes out of prison if they were selected by the party leaders to run again.

What a mess the politics of our country have gotten into. So few good, honest people willing to run. With our left wing media running this country; some media, "way left", it is hard to blame them.

Not to mention the party leaders of both parties are at times questionable in their actions and selections as well as telling the truth to those people willing to listen and consider.

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