Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Every Politician Ever Elected to Office is Flawed

I believe this is a statement on which we can all agree. What worries evidently a minority of us that certain flaws in our top leader appear to be flaws that present a "present and growing danger.

This email was forwarded to me by a friend.


The Democrat Case for McCain
There are two things Republicans and Democrats can agree on: 1) John McCain is a flawed candidate; and 2) he is infinitely preferable to Barack Obama.

These are truths Democrats should ponder.

The truth is, there are more good reasons to defeat Obama and the Obamacrats than to elect him, even for the staunchest of Democrats.
For those who actually think Barack Obama is qualified to be President, no amount of truth, logic or reason is going to change their minds. To do so means having to admit they were taken in and made fools of, and as any cop will tell you, most con men get away with their con because their marks are so embarrassed to admit they were taken they just keep quiet.
Obama is simply unfit to be President in any way. Whether it was his serial lying about his relationship with Jeremiah Wright and what he knew and when he knew it, and the fact that he was more than willing to tolerate Wright's views of 911, and his views on race and never felt offended enough to walk out, to his lying to the people of Ohio about NAFTA and his other reversals and broken pledges on everything from public financing of campaigns to FISA, he is simply not someone you want to take home to the White House.
Aside from his dishonesty, clinical narcissism and almost pathological lack of conscience, he has no ability to do the job he is seeking and has never in his life ever exhibited even the smallest evidence that he could do it. On the basis of integrity, there is nothing to consider. Obama has no integrity and as far as we can see from his past, never did.
McCain on the other hand, though one can disagree with some of his policies, has in fact demonstrated that he is willing to stand up for what he believes, and more importantly, stand up to Republicans [.] Like it or not, the record shows McCain is the real reformer and the real deal, while Obama is what most of the 18 million Democrats who voted against him know him to be - a snake oil salesman who has managed to bamboozle a lot of dumb, and impressionable people [.] especially the dumb media blonds like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and almost everyone at Newsweek, the NY times and CNN who he has eating out of hand.
The other thing to keep in mind about McCain is that he is rated last by conservative groups in supporting conservative legislation. His voting record is ranked 49th among Republican Senators by conservative watch dog groups which is why a lot of conservatives cant stand him. In other words, disaffected liberal Democrats who cant possibly in good conscience vote for Obama could do a lot worse than bringing McCain home to mother.
How absurd is the idea of Obama as President? Think about Obama being put in charge of the country's nuclear codes.
If I were certain America could survive four years of Obama, I'd be tempted to lay out the conservative case for voting for him. An Obama Administration would leave the Democrat Party in ruins for at least a generation. Remember David Dinkins? Even ultra-liberal New York City has never elected a Democrat Mayor since. If Dinkins led to Giuliani, and Carter led to Reagan, Obama ought to lead to George Washington's return from the grave. Also, imagine how people will turn on the mainstream media once they realize the bill of goods they've been sold.
However, an unprincipled left-wing radical with a life-long habit of surrounding himself with people who vehemently hate America could do enough damage that the idea of just letting the Democrats crash the bus and take the consequences is out of the question. Conservatives and liberals alike have a duty to put the good of the country first by keeping this tasteless joke away from the White House.

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