Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin - The Real McCoy

She is no rookie. Tonight, she made Barack Obama and Joe Biden look like the political hacks they are. What a woman and what an inspiration so badly needed by a liberal press hounded Republican Party.

Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever, should be impressed by this maverick from a small town and a small state who just made one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard.

As a Republican "maverick" myself, it is my belief this once "out of reach" election for the Republicans to win, a win can now become a reality. I'm glad to be alive and to be part of this Republican resurgence.

A new star on the political scene has emerged tonight.

What a woman!


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin proved she is a substantial woman who is going to be annoying liberal Democrat for decades to come.

She speaks in the most down to earth way since Reagan. That is going to bring lots of people to the polls who normally don't vote. She is a compelling person who will hold her own with Biden. Let him just try to condescend to her in a debate.

John McCain picked a tigress.

Arthur said...

There has been much said about her if she were ever to fill in as president. But after having read about her and after hearing her, I have no doubt that she could be tough and staunch. Clinton couldn't pull the trigger when he had OBL in the crosshairs. I have no doubt that this woman would have no hesitation regardless the politcal situation.

postsimian said...

Wow, the right-wing fringe has found their perfect candidate: a gun-happy, under-qualified, anti-civil rights, pro-totalitarian, anti-science, anti-education, corrupt, extreme religious nutbag to champion their cause. How charming.

Merle Widmer said...


I have read your comments on Bill Dennis's and C. J. Summers's site.

You seldom make any sense. You are a certified member of the radical left. You are an admitted atheist, anti-big business of any kind, an admmitted socialist and a radical populist.

Keep your garbage on the "chat boxes" where your drivel may be appreciated by an audience more in line with debating your ridiculously extreme crap.

You call Palin a nutcase. Look in the mirror.

I'll leave your comment up awhile for my readers to get to know you better.

ep blondie said...


Merle Widmer said...

Thanks, Blondie. I believe most of my readers have a pretty fair modicum of common sense.

Thank you and you can critize or compliment, whatever I deserve.

My thanks also to Arthur and Anonymous. Same invitation as I make to Blondie.

Candis Karrie said...

Merle, postsimian is actually a presimian as are his politics.

postsimian said...

And you're an anti-liberty, anti-worker, religious fanatic fascist. Keep drinking the kool-aid, Merle.