Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Go Lady Sarah Palin

As you stand before tonight's huge national audience hanging on every word you say, every inflection in your voice and ever movement or gesture you make, tell this audience like it is. We common folks citizens and common sense voters, do NOT want political correct statements that give us a warm and fuzzy feeling. We want to know that you understand the dangers ahead of us and what needs to be done. We want to know how you will help John McCain and all political leaders to get it done.

We want you to tell us who you are, what you stand for and how you will work with others in what are your realistic dreams of the best interests of this country and its people.

Be not afraid to be yourself; this nation is tired of people being phony. If you have made mistakes that some feel would hinder you from helping pilot this great nation, tell us as we are a forgiving and compassionate people.

There is nothing wrong with a label of being a maverick Republican. Most of us want changes made in Washington but we do not want changes that push us over the slippery slope into socialism as offered by the Obama/Biden ticket.

We are tired of big bureaucratic, big brother government. We want to live in a country with leaders who listen to all but are strong enough to make the right decisions for and with us. The often mis-informed majority use the power of their words and actions and the powers of the liberal press to influence some of the weak elected to go against the known facts.

After reading the headlines, seeing and hearing the editor of the U.S. Weekly Editor we know what lies and half-truths you must endure. Many of believe this phony fame seeker should be "hoisted, with or by, his own petard". After being unable to validate his own headlines and innuendos, he says you must read the article. No way would I spend any money to enrich this arrogant radical liberalist.

His name is forgettable and his character despicable.

Our prayers and best wishes are with you tonight, Mrs. Palin, tonight and in your promising future.

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