Sunday, June 01, 2008

Free Computers

Since receiving Congressman Ray LaHood's letter "appealling letter" that there were no free computer use in the City of Peoria except in public libraries, I have "discovered" at least 400 including Workforce Networks 20 at Manual (and downtown for those serious about getting a job) and the same amount at RiverWest. The ones at RiverWest are not in the RiverWest library and are under lock and key. Also, Goodwill industries offer free lessons for a deposit of $25 refundable upon completion of the free classes.

The Recycling Center on Rock island sells them for as low as $25 and throws in free training. In time people will see the the $35 million "fleecing" of the property tax payers is not about educational learning but about 100's of UNSUPERVISED computers used mainly for surfing and game playing and some pornography all at the total expense of property tax payers. Did I leave out "bricks, glass and mortar?

Easy chairs, food and drink bars and amenities offered by struggling Borders and their perhaps potential buyer, Barnes and Noble (JS) 3/28/08 would be taxpayer competition to those who pay property taxes to help support free libraries. The article continues that book sales are flat and are expected to remain so. "In fact, the segment expected to see the most growth in the near future is the textbook section where booksellers can make their greatest profit on a nearly captive audience".

Some one said I probably support the airport tax. Only if it helps bring in more carriers, boosts profits for those who offer well paying jobs and makes commuting cheaper, faster and simpler. I'd rather fly out of Peoria that to drive to Bloomington.

The person was comparing the airport tax to the library tax. Sort of like comparing acorns to walnuts. Of course we need libraries, we have 8 free libraries in a 17 mile radius; didn't he notice? Or is he one out of four adults who read no books last year and then only an average of four checked out. Checking books out doesn't mean everyone actually reads them.

Consider that. One third of the books I check out, I do not completely read. Some are real "POTBOILERS" like Nora Roberts and available by the dozens at garage sales and library book sales for 10 cents on the original dollar cost.

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