Sunday, June 01, 2008

Property Taxes Rising - Are Values Real in Peoria?

The county recently received a letter from a property taxpayer unhappy with the 25-33%? rise she discovered upon receiving her tax bill. She wants to tar and hang us on fenceposts and that's just the nice part of what she would like to do to County Board members.

Look to the Assessor's office and the three person Board of Appeals and new formulas and not easily understood paperwork requirements. I believe people's protests are catching our County Board Chairman's attention. The rumblings do not appear to be just the usual disgruntled taxpayer who always think their taxes are too high.
Or I could take up Gary S. invitation to move to his neighborhood where he will pay $410.00 for 2007 including $16.50 for his library tax "share".

I note a home in New York City's Riverdale, a leafy neighborhood in the borough of the Bronx, is listed in the WSJ for $4.9 million.

Annual property tax - $12,178.00.

Million dollars homes are listed with less property taxes by far than my modest (by comparison) house in Peoria.

Interesting and of course Peoria tax payers haven't seen anything yet if all the tax collecting projects in progress and on the drawing boards come to fruition.

Some property tax payers are starting to pay more attention to rising taxes and more will later on IF the economy drag ever hits Peoria County.

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