Thursday, February 07, 2008

Aaron Schock - An Open Letter 2/07/08

Congratulations on your major step to be elected to represent those of us who live in the 18th Congressional District. You and other Republicans who wish to step across the aisle and work with all Congress people have a great opportunity to help reshape the Republican party. After you are elected you can help reshape the local Republican Central committee by asking some of those who served a cause for many years but are now "out of step", to step aside. Some like Mary Alice Erickson, right hand of Ray Lahood,(she has been a faithful party leader for many years) who sent out a letter representing the State Central Committee from the 18th District asking that all Republicans support my friend Jim McConoughey. Mentioned in that letter of support were the Mayor and State Senator Dale Risinger, yet Mr. McConoughey drew no more that 17 Republican votes out of every 100 cast while you drew 72 votes out of every 100. Out of step? I guess. Also those who brought that far right Maryland carpetbagger, Alan Keyes, in to run for a spot in Washington,DC and embarrased most Republicans.

You also survived some viscious hits from the local media who endorsed Mr. McConoughy and will be watching you even more carefully to cricize any perceived or actual mistake you will make after your election in November.

You shrugged off all the negativeness and were a gracious winner. You have the grace to make friends of non-supporters and help make the changes badly needed if the Illinois Republican Party is ever to be a force in State and National politices in the upcoming years.

More and more former solid Republicans now call themselves independents yet must pick up a Republican ballot for the primaries. In November they will vote for the candidate who represents them best on things that matter most to them; taxes, spending,decaying infrastructures, trade barriers, affordable health care with costs fairly distributed, bloated bureaucracies, less union and government interference in education,over-regulation and national defense.

You will need to appeal to those with their hands out. I believe the large turnouts for Obama see him as a populist offering a pig in every roaster and a crutch for their failure to educate themselves. And those who fail to work productively and save to provide for their future.

Those ultra liberals and pacifists who believe we will all love each other should be reminded of the recent bombing where the bomber blew up his car with 3 of his innocent kids in it. Remind them that we have too many terroists here now that are home grown and are part of an over permissive society while those who terrorize the world are mostly uneducated or educated by the wrong teachers.

Those who still believe we should leave Iraq now should be reminded that we atually were winning the war in Vietnam until our medias and government propaganda, mis-reporting by a confused and terrified press and a pacifist congress turned a clear U.S. victory at Tet into a defeat. After our failure to support those who supported us, Southeast Asia turned into an era of "killing" fields, killing an estimated
two million people including 30% of the entire Cambodian population.

Your remark on Taiwan were totally overblown by the liberals at the Journal Star. Any of us who follow history know that Taiwan would now be part of China if it was not for the strong military presence of the U.S. in the FarEast. Upset the Chinese? Look at their Communistic record of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not to mention free speech. Your position was correct; your words could have been better (you will learn) but I don't believe the JSEB position cost you many votes. It may have added some.

When you promised the use of up to 20% ethanol in our gas, I'm sure you were placating the farmers. If you plan to help keep bloating the farm bill, I suggest that you do not hinder an entrepenurial spirit that built this country before everybody found out Congress was an easy mark for major special interest groups.

In my 5 successful campaigns for County Board (2 primaries included) I never had the official endorsement of the Republican Central Committee. My last campaign cost less than $900, donated without my asking, and the only yard signs I used were leftovers placed at the voting places the day of the election. The only time the JSEB endorsed me, a local favorite pundit called the endorsement "smarzy".

Until some of the "out of touch" "movers and shakers" in the Republican Party retire or are replaced or "get with" the Republican Party of the future, do not overlook us Repubublicans who have an independent streak. Many of us no longer vote a straight party ticket.

Think of the man who will be our next President of the United States of America, John McCain. He may have warts like all politicans have but he has warts that can be removed or lived with and be a better president by far than George Bush.

As to your position on Iraq, I ask that you read yesterdays Wall Street Journal, "The Lies of Tet" by Arthur Herman and "From the Jaws of Victory" by Nadia Scdhadlow, today's edition

My best wishes to you and I forgive you Kay Royster.


Peoria AntiPundit said...

It will be a cold day before McCain is elected President and even a chimp could have done a better job than George Bush. In fact, George is the reason why McCain won't be elected. As for Schock, well if he is elected, we're all screwed.

Too far left for you Mr. Widmer?

Merle Widmer said...

Having read your comments on other blog sites, I believe you are so far left, you support Obama. The election of either Democrat for for President would mean all of us with common sense will be screwed.

You will be screwed in November because Schock wii be elected.

You sound like a pretty bitter person. But I know you are not a chimp because the chimps I know, can't type.

The only possible way Schock could not be elected is if the JSEB endorses him.

Peoria AntiPundit said...

Well let me put it this way on how I believe in the Right. When Mitt gave his speech the other day quitting the race, he said that he did it so Obama or Clinton wouldn't win thus surrendering to the terrorists. He also said America didn't have enough God while then saying the Muslims have too much God. Talked about screwed up but if we believe everything the Right has said, then voting Liberal means you have no values, you are a terrorist, and you want to surrender America to the Godless Muslims. No wait, Mitt said the Muslims have too much God. Then we have Aaron who wants to sell nuclear missiles to Taiwan in order to bring the Godless Chinese in line and then says it was a joke. The joke is listening to Republicans using scare tactics on Americans. I think Americans have caught on considering Bush’s popularity rating of what 20 something percent?

No, after almost 8 years of George Bush and the lies that have been told by both him and Cheney, it appears you are one of those 20% that still believe we need 4 more years of the kind of leadership Mitt or McCain wants force down American throats. It is time for change and that is why McCain will not be elected. Yes I am a bit far to the left and No I am not a chimp but I can put a sentence together something a chimp and our President can’t do. As Bush would say; “We is learning.”

P.S. I do agree with you on one thing. Schock will most likely be elected because the Democrats in this area have no spine.

Jasmine said...

Scare tactics? They all twist the truth and reality. Hillary states she thinks universal health care is a "human right". Yet no systematic health care was available to humans prior to the 20th century. Have humans had it all wrong prior that point? So is that to say that my father, who worked in a non-union mill all his life at fairly low pay, yet paid for his families health care and insurance out of his own pocket, was getting screwed by society? The man knew how to SAVE for what was IMPORTANT. Something people do not know how to do today.

Peoria AntiPundit said...

Before the 20th century?? Even the sick Indian was taken to the medicine man. Human beings have a right to be treated when ill unlike in some cities in the US if you have no insurance; you are pushed back out the door. That is the context of Hillary Clinton's remark. As we become a more civilized and advanced society, we owe it to each other that we take care of each other. Not because of race, wealth, being poor, but because it is the civilized thing to do. Of course there is no profit in that line of thinking so no Republican would like it.