Friday, February 08, 2008

Peoria County - Breaking News 2/08/08

Peoria County has been fortunate to have had a very capable Adeministrator for going on 8 years. He is sought after by other governmental bodies recently by members of the Peoria City Council. I do not believe he is interested in that position. He is currently being sought by Joliet to be their City Manager. Expect the news medias to soon announce that he will be interviewing for that position.

Before they do, all County Board Members will be aware of interview. As I understand the position offers some attractions not available in this community and the pay substantially higher.

As someone who hired people for 36 years, I learned to tell my employees that they were the ones to decide whether it was time to move on but they could stay as long as they were doing the job and moving the company forward. If they were competent we tried to retain them. Our adminstrator has done an outstanding job for the county. I for one and I believe all County Board members will make strong efforts to try to retain him.

Whatever Mr. Urich decides, I wish him well but hope that he will raise his family in Peoria.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, Patrick does a good job. It is a stretch to say he is "sought after"! He is applying for the positions.