Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When is Governor Quinn Coming Back to Peoria With More Goodies Funded by the Taxpayers?

The governor was scheduled to be in Peoria the last week in March to take credit for the $5 million of taxpayers money to fund a larger taxpayer funded museum that is destined to be another "white elephant" on the Riverfront. Koehler and Leitch had ALREADY taken credit for this bringing back $5 million out of the $10 million they already helped take from taxpayers. $.50 cents out of every dollar taken in taxes ever makes it's way back to the taxpayer and often in the form of "boondoogles" that cannot support themselves later on) One more "white elephant" much larger and a longer lasting drain on over-taxed area taxpayers. I believe Quinn realized his timing may have been off and cancelled the trip.

But he will be back to take credit due him or not. Maybe he will bring Leitch and Koehler along.

Now today, I read in the JS that Cigna, the company that administers the Quality Health Care program for state employees, owes McDonough Hospital in Macomb, $1.6 million.

Why? Because the state of Illinois owes the money to Cigna and can't pay it.

Hey, you master planners and the "best and the brightest, keep funding with taxpayer dollars everything YOU think is best for the "rest of us" and all this talk about bankruptcy WILL come true. Or you will raise fees and tax us to the grave.

My apologies to all the "well to do" in this community. You can afford it so why don't you just pay for it instead of dumping it back on the taxpayers as you are doing with this museum I plan to visit once, same as most others in the community.

Unfortunately, some of this is going to come true on "my beat". But p;ease read the minutes, hear the facts I am presenting and see how I voted. I'll apologize I made a couple of wrong votes under duress. No more till the end of my term.


Anonymous said...

Steve J Weibring

writes I agree

your earlier comment about the officals wanted to put a sleeping pill in your drink, watch out they are probably already bought them

no moral support comment from diane, imagine that

Anonymous said...

Rod McKimieson

writes but they made promise to bankrupt the city every last person here, and ruin the school system

were on way baby

oh for diana's life style spend every cent ya got, us women have only have one spending gene and famous bar and bergner's will love u