Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Humble Opinions by DeWayne Bartels - Peoria Times-Observer

The column titled "In my Humble Opinion Mayer has Something to Learn" is, in my "humble opinion, a must read.

DeWayne description of Allen Mayer, a Democrat on the Peoria County Board, hit the nail on the head. Mayer thinks he is a "constitutional scholar". He is now part of the "12' Democrats who make it increasingly known that they run the county board along with Democrat County Administrator Patrick Urich as they (some Republicans do so at times like to spend OPM on non-essentials) take actions that continue to force people to join public unions and drive businesses out of Peoria County.

My first 7 1/2 years on this board were reasonably enjoyable. Our County administrator reported to the County Board Chairman and the Board. Things appear to have changed. Only two Committe Chairman are Republicans and the Executive Committe is made up of all Democrat but these two. Who is in power has been made known.

DeWayne, in my humble opinion, your description fits perfectly with what a fellow board member Democrat once called him "that little ..... period.

Taxpayers had better start attending County Board meeting seeing where we are and/ are in the process of building debt and spending as if there were no recession.

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Anonymous said...

Mayer is a Dinosaur on the verge of extinction. Gather the facts, get prepared, and run a strong candidate opposite him next election (there will be plenty). The voters will do the rest.