Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney 2/07/08

We all have to be proud of Mitt Romney. He ran a clean, hard race using $87 million of his own money. His withdrawal speech was made with great sincerity. He made it very clear that neither Clinton or Obama if elected would be good for this country.

I hope that in time all Republicans and Independents reconcile their differences with John McCain. McCain has shown that when facts change, he can change his viewpoints. No one agrees 100% with any Republican candidate but a choice must be made supporting who has the best opportunity to sort out priorities, cut taxes, reduce or cut most subsidies, examine bureaucratic grants more closely that few of the grantors ever follow up to see what the use of the money accomplished, work across the aisle, help unite ethnic groups that want to assimilate, keep a close eye on those who don't, respect a force greater than ourselves, deal harshly with terrorists, both abroad or in our country and use common sense and don't try to placate every special interest group with their hands out for money.

The Republican most electable and probably best able to do that is McCain. I have accumulated quite a file on him and will blog on some of this material off and on in the months ahead. That loudmouths like Limbaugh, Coulter and some Republican talking heads makes me support McCain more because, as I've said before on this site, the Republicans need new blood in their local, state and national organizations.

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