Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Classroom Benefits - Teacher and Student?

My last blog talked about what teachers teach and kid learn. I clipped this article a few weeks ago and though it interesting. “Mr. Palfrey teaches courses on technology and finds laptops-and the ability to use the Internet—“hugely constructive.” Still, the devices have downsides. “There are times when you’ll be talking about something very serious, like the importance of democracy, and someone will break out in laughter,” he says. “That’s a bit disconcerting.”

Readers wrote in with opinions on the topic. Wrote one: “I’m writing this from class right now bored out of my mind. If teachers would teach better, and there were consequences to my not paying attention, then I wouldn’t be reading this right now.”

Interesting how things have changed in education.

For the better??

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