Thursday, February 15, 2007

Peoria PlayHouse Private Donations

I note the article about the generous donation of $300,000.00 made by Glen and Polly Barton to the Peoria PlayHouse appeared in a four inch column on the 3rd page of the “B” Section of the JS. By comparison, the $500,000.00 pledged by Ameren/Cilco made front page headlines. The Ameren/Cilco pledge was made with your money; the Barton pledge was made with their money. Ameren/Cilco hinted publicly that they may have to cut back on charitable giving if they didn’t get their price hike.

Those giving their own money to worthy causes, should get a lot more praise than those who give away stockholder owned money and the money they collect from you thru increased user fees.

I hope the Peoria Playhouse becomes a source of joy for all kids who visit and the community supports it financially.


Anonymous said...

First, charity, by moral definition, is one should expect praise for giving - and Mr./Mrs. Barton are of that class and selfless decency. No doubt, they never desired praise.

Second, Ameren's money is not MY money, its theirs. I willingly (though unhappily) paid for their product/service, albeit captively. Was the money you earned from your little shop your money or your customers?

Merle Widmer said...

To Anonymous coward by admisssion: What's the comparison between Ameren/Cilco with a captive customer base compared to my $11 million dollar annual sales and growing competive enterprise. I was the sole owner, and yes it was my money exchanged to others for merchandise and service. If you are so smart why are you still brown nosing the person you work for? You don't sound intelligent enough to work anywhere else let alone run your own business.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth are you so hostile???? I'm just offering a point. It's your blog and you can write pretty much whatever you want...but your anger is precisely WHY I would NEVER offer up my identity (on all points you make to ferret out my identity, you are mistaken, by the way). I don't want you attacking me publicly or calling me at home. I'm earnest in offering up some valid ideas and opinions, yet you call names and censure my intelligence. You only respond well to sycophants and like-minded individuals – I’ve seldom known you to converse with an opposing or different view without considerable vitriol, rancor and resentment. It’s unfortunate you can’t see through to the point at and fixate on your own insecurities.

Incidentally, if you have any trouble with any of the words I used, this might help: