Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lethal Incompetence

Patricia C. Benassi in a “letter to the editors” dated 9/25 made seven common shallow charges. Here is my viewpoint about her rambling accusations:

1. Had the State of Louisiana acted responsibly in asking for federal help much sooner, much suffering would have been avoided.
2. Bush did not say that terrorism wasn’t a major concern of his. You have your administrations mixed up. It was Bill Clinton who was “playing hide and seek” in the oval office who took no effective action to try to stop the reign of terror playing out in the MidEast.
3. It was never this administrations intent to “OCCUPY Iraq with 300,000 troops.” You are confusing your numbers with the 300,000 Iraqis so far discovered in mass graves, murdered by Saddam Hussein who we have ousted and captured.
4. The levees that broke in Louisiana were neglected by the incompetent leadership of members of the Democrat Party in Louisiana. Louisiana larded the transportation bill, this year, with $540,580,200.00 with no dollars intended to correct the levee problem.
5. FEMA, like all government bureaucracies, has its share of political cronies. One has been demoted, other should follow. “Political cronyism” is a game played by both parties with no way for the voter and taxpayer to win.
6. Tax cuts for the wealthy? Seems to be working with a strong economy and low unemployment.
7. “Loaded with lobbyists?’ Democrat lobbying and political donations made to elect supporters of the “let’s stick it to the rich” allow all tort attorneys to get richer and drive doctors and businesses out of Illinois.

Ms. Benassi’s “blame game” letter is so lopsided as to be ludicrous.

P.S. - Isn’t Benassi the one who sued the City of Peoria; she representing some disgruntled employees, over alleged sexual harassment in the Jim Maloof Mayoral era and then “walked away” with what is rumored to be $1.1 million of the $1.3 million settlement leaving $200,000.00 to be split among the plaintiffs? Do I have my facts from Randy Ray wrong; Mr. Ray said he wasn’t sure of the exact figures but he was sure that the attorneys got more than the plaintiffs? Isn’t she the one who represents the “downtrodden”, yet asks for $250.00 for the first consultation? Maybe I have my facts wrong. Help me out, Ms. Benassi? Were my ears deceiving me when I called your office and asked for a consultation and the person answering the phone said “Ms. Benassi charges $250.00 up front for the first consultation?”

I sent this document as a letter to the editors of the JS. Mike Bailey did not receive it until after he had received and published well written rebuttals by Jody Kimbrell of Hanna City and Dennis Dickerson of Peoria so I doubt if my “7 points” will be printed in the JS. If anyone reading me knows these two individuals, give them my blog site as it appears we share some common viewpoints. Thanks.


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Merle Widmer said...

Three "letters to the editors" of the JS were published by the JS as rebuttal to Benassi. Mr. Epstein emailed me today for more information and I asked that my letter to the editors of the JS" be withdrawn.

My blog, not as widely read, will do.