Thursday, May 31, 2018

Samantha Bee and All Those Leftist Liberals Can go To HELL (and Probably Will)

I am going through a bad health patch but will recover. I am also so sick of all the crap making  headlines from the left wing medias. Wrong headlines such as "North Korea EMINENT threat to our country" The General didn't phrase it as 'imminent' meaning NOW so it is A FALSE statement by the journalist and publisher. There is NO IMMINENT THREAT FROM ANY COUNTRY EXCEPT THE THREAT FROM OUR OWN TALKING HEADS FROM HOLLYWOOD AND NEW YORK AND BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND HIS ILK. THAT INCLUDES MILLIONS OF OUR OWN INTERNAL ENEMIES being 'egged' on by the loser Democrats and their media buddies.

I'll believe John Bolton over al the above. We have more enemies in Peoria and Chicago including black militants making millions playing in the NBA and NFL.

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