Friday, September 01, 2006

Erased Peoria Park Board Tapes of Executive Sessions; Accidental??

First I heard it was one tape that got erased “accidentally” of Peoria Park Board and Peoria Public School District #150 Executive Minutes. Then an unimpeachable source told me it was “two” Park Board Executive tapes that were “accidentally” erased. These tapes supposedly contain dialogue between certain Peoria Public School District #150 Board Members and members of the Peoria Park District Board of Directors concerning the relocating of Glen Oak School on Prospect Road and on private and PPD land.

Supposedly these tapes were made before some school board members authorized purchase of the houses on Prospect.

Surely someone in the media is aware of this “accidental” happening. I believe if I was involved my picture would by now have appeared at least twice in the local media.

Why the secrecy when it appears to be a known fact?

Just musing but I wonder why Keller-Williams was and is the authorized agent representing the school board to buy up these properties for the planned new school. My email to a school board member asking if this was by bid or why was Keller-Williams selected has gone unanswered. Linda Kepple and Keller-Williams appear to be synonymous and Linda is Jack Pearl’s daughter and Tim Cassidy, Park Board president is Jack Pearls nephew. I last heard a couple of years ago that Pearl Insurance is the prime insurer for the Park District and two Pearls’ and Linda Kepple ,made substantial financial contributions to Tim Cassidy’s campaign when he ran for reelection a couple of years ago and Pearl Insurance has been the prime insurer to the park for quite a long time. Just curious also to know if this tax collecting ($11 million last year) public body bids their insurance. It was also rumored that two phone banks were run out of Pearl Insurance offices in support of Mr. Cassidy.

I find this scenario very interesting. If any of my readers find the above is incorrect, please don’t hesitate to correct me.

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