Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vast Danger to America Lies in Small Groups Similar to Terrorist Organizations

Forwarded to me by a friend. Merle

I have been really puzzled about the level of anger, angst, and disrespect at recent “Town Hall Meetings” held around the country by Republican house and senate politicians. The latest one was reported on Fox News and was being held by Jason Chaffetz in his home state of Utah. Understand that Mr. Chaffetz just won his House of Representative seat again during the last election by ~ 73% of the vote. If you looked at the meeting footage, however, you would be led to believe there was mass mutiny by Chaffetz’s constituents. The unruly people shutting down speech were actually people from Obama’s new Organizing For America organization. The site counsels you on how to attend and what to do to disrupt. Google site and you will see. Now things are starting to clear up.
> Organizing for America is an organization set up by and for our former President Barak Obama. It is fundamentally a “shadow government.” That’s why he is staying in Washington DC: to run it. Their tactics are straight out of Sol Alinsky’s play book (Rules for Radicals) and there are reportedly at least 32,000 members already who have been charged with doing exactly what they did in Utah all over the country. I would bet Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn’s fingerprints are on this organization, too. Hillary wrote her college thesis while at Wellesley College on her idol Sol Alinsky. Normally thesis’s are kept on file at the college from which students matriculate for anyone who cares to read them, but in her specific case it has been removed. Wonder why no one can read it now? With Obama and the above folks (all from Chicago BTW) involved, this country had better wake up and excise this cancer before it metastasis into something very ugly. This “Shadow Government” should scare the heck out of everyone. Will this man ever go away??

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