Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Media Stirring Country Up For the Revolution I Predicted

As I predicted many month ago, this country is heading for a violent revolution in the not too distant future. What is my reasoning? The same as many others that the media is distorting the facts and the people are being brainwashed into hatreds even they do not understand. Whether the people leading peaceful and sometimes violent protests understand facts is beyond being questionable

That those organizing and leading these protests are a overwhelming majority of Democrats, is not a question. Their propaganda is nearing the level of early Nazi Germany..Only difference that I can discern as to what happened in Germany and the U.S.A.  is that "those who hold the gold, rules"."Those" are the ones that enforce the laws of the land. "Those' who were the leaders in Germany let a small band grow into a massive chaos worldwide. ( Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, Hitler was thoughtful, committed people can change the world.) This statement by Margaret Mead many years ago is so true While many of our "laws" are being enforced and changed for the better by this new administration, the media feeds their opinions to the people in a way to sensationalize  and omit anything they believe would dampen the sensationalism of every move that the current administration makes.

I hope that many embedded liberal bureaucrats will be  forced out of positions of power they have helped misuse for decades. They are already trying in many subversive  ways to undermine the efforts of President Trump and his cabinet and supporters to stabilize this country.

Count the Democrats to contest every move this administration makes and help bring the revolution I first predicted by 2030 and later to 2025.Now, maybe even sooner.The Democrats and the liberal press will continue to cite "racism"  caused by the conservative Republicans, they deny that it is little racism when it is largely class. Not necessarily by the position they hold in life, but by attitudes being indoctrinated by educators and the mainstream media and being force fed to their 'believers'..

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