Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Democrats No Comprehend??

A letter to your editorial page. Perhaps you prefer this one to my last letter. I believe the Democratic Party has not yet comprehended what the last election meant. They lost the Presidency, the House ( for the 3 d time), the Senate, 31 Governorship and over 1500 seats nation wide. The only explanation of all this is ONE thing. The country re soundly rejected the Progressive agenda of the Democratic party. So instead of intellectually have a self examination , they went violent. They attacked buildings, banks in Washington, burnt building in Berkeley University. They had a women's march that paraded the capitol , highlighted by a bunch of dysfunctional Hollywood characters. They started there speeches by " I am a nasty woman". Madonna "wanted to blow the white house" . Women were welcomed to the marsh except if they were pro-life. The Democratic party reduced women to "body parts" (abortion,contraception, gender issues). Jobs,self esteem, motherhood are secondary.. California wants to secede from the union and signatures are been collected. The now talk about the old "confederate rights" Seattle cut ties with Well Fargo because the company is helping finance the Dakota Pipe line. Using the same thinking , couldn't the conservatives stop dealing with Well Fargo because they finance the city of Seattle? A woman divorced her husband of 22 years because he voted for Trump.!! Neiman Marcus isnot selling Ivanka Trump merchandise. When Barak Obama was elected conservative though he is taking the country in the wrong direction. They did not burn buildings , or march in the streets. They went to Tea Party, grouped and organised and voted at the ballot box. The fact is the majority of the people that voted for Trump did not like an extension of Obama's policies in the form of Hillary.The people that voted for Hillary thought Trump was not qualified. The Russians have nothing to do with the election result. It did however demonstrated the corrupion of the Democratic party inner working. So the voters have spoken and that should be respected , and let both sides find common ground for the good of the great USA. Rida W. Boulos, MD Retired and lives in Peoria Click here to Reply or Forward 2.99 GB (19%) of 15 GB used Manage


Rida W Boulos said...

Interesting, the Peoria Journal Star which is now an extension of the NY times, did not publish my article because it does \not fit there narrative.
The Democrats are putting there party ahead of country, and I hope the American people can see that. Identity politics, race card , class welfare is all they have. If they cannot compete in the arena of ideas , they demonize , attack , demonstrate and if they do not win they go to liberal judges. It is a sad state of affairs

rida w boulos said...

Unfortunately, the PJS did not publish my paper as it does not fit there narrative.