Friday, January 12, 2018

A Conversation I Had With President Donald Trump

I'm going to by-pass all the small talk like 'hows your family, your golf game and your relationship with Dianne Feinstein and the Washington Post and get right to the most crucial points. So I lean forward where I can get closer to his face and read his body language and then I ask him the most critical question reporters who cover Washington political news, ask, "Mr. President, Are you a racist"?

I must have offended him because he promptly got up and left the room. I  knew then I had now joined the Democrat press and should have asked him to review his many accomplishments; accomplished while fighting an obnoxious former President, an obnoxious bunch of sore losers, an obnoxious groups of black racists and members of the establisment, donkeys, elephants, embedded bureacrats and a biased FBI. His Press Secretary advised me to leave and thanked me for being so forefront on the BIG issue of the day. Security then courtesly escorted me to the bus station.

Hardly worth the trip from Peoria but what the hey.

Fake news of course, but I have at least the 'guts' to tell my readers like it is.

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