Friday, January 12, 2018

It's Tough Making a Living As a Factual Blogger

And the pay is not very good but the heat generated from some of my haters help keep me warm at night. Haters who read about former President Bill Clinton who had fellato, mis-spelled, I just should have written 'blow job', performed by a young woman who was underneath his desk while he talked with Hillary on one of his secure lines.

Yet their ilk love to throw money to his and her  Foundation. Of course, no favoritism or favors asked but gladly accepted anyway.

Just think which direction our economy would be heading if Bill's wife Hillary had been elected President. Perish the thought. Hope it's still ok to say or write 'perish'. New thought control Dictionarys should be due out soon.

Please, Merle, perish the thought, too.. Besides, your nurse is reminding you it is getting near your bedtime and she had already laid out clean Depends, your jammies and your favorite teddy.

Nite, nite.

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