Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Old Adage "Power Corrupts" Has Never Been More Prevelant

Spiteful women and some men, large unions, many politicians, wise kids against their parent or parents, the hard Republican right, the Democrat Party in general, groups like NOW and the NAACP,  the NCAA, the mainstream left wing new medias, etc.

So true and so sad. Believe my latest prediction of a revolution on a major scale within this country by 2032 hopefully will never happen, but the odds of that happening and of an eventual dictatorship are growing and it WILL probably be blamed on President Donald Trump, whether he is long dead or not. Trump ran on a revolution platform, albeit a peaceful one. He has stirred up the questionable direction of this country which was long overdue.

He can change his mind (women do all the time, I know from first-hand experience) as he becomes more "politically educated and perhaps, politically corrupted" but he will not back down from historical proofs and "politically correct" untruths.

Trump "Thin skinned"? Sure, I and most sensible people, are also thin skinned when losers attack us without facts or even second-hand gossip. I, too, know that first-hand. The left-wingers know that most people, these days, do not read more than one paragraph under the HEADLINES. Such as "immigrants seeking sanctuary in PPS" a headline in the JS by hard 4 Democrat with Socialistic leanings, Pam Adams. ILLEGALS seeking sanctuary are illegal immigrants (now the politically correct call them "undocumented"). My Dad was a legal immigrant, processed  though Ellis Island. There were 'enforced' laws in that era.

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