Wednesday, October 25, 2017

President Donald Trump IS a Very Intelligent Person - Reporters As a Rule Couldn't Hold a Living Wage Job

What a bunch of "Sad Sacks" writing half-truths and adding words as JS Reporter Matt Buedel did who turned a theft reported by ME into an assault on me. He intentionally added an upstairs to my Ranch House to add to his assault  and claimed I "stepped down" from the County Board. The Peoria Observer printed a column by DeWayne Bartels, headed "Merle Widmer will be hard to be replaced". DeWayne was one of Peoria's best reporters (His death was very sad and  untimely). He printed my intention NOT to run for a forth term. (I would have been 85) That was two and one-half years before I retired from the board at the END  of my third term..

As to Trump's IQ; IQ tests indicate a certain intelligence but a person with a high IQ may not have "common sense". (See my blog on "Common Sense") When I was serving in the United States Army Airforce, a Lieutenant graduate of Hamilton University in up-state new York, told the Hamilton Head Basketball Coach about my basketball abilities. I was invited to stay at two Fraternity houses over the weekend while the Coach appraised my abilities. I was introduced to a member who had an IQ of 181. Frat brothers told me later that he was intelligent but lacked common sense.

We need very intelligent people, Hitler was considered by Germany, Italy and Japan,  to be intelligent.  But a sad history proves he lacked Common Sense. Our Pres-dent appears to be somewhere in between with his untimely comments, often true but not "politically correct".

To succeed in politics is to be politically INCORRECT when the occasion calls. Make usually true statement and opinions in private or behind somebodies back.

So sad.

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