Monday, July 17, 2017

Marijuana Deal Goes Bad- Four Young Men Are Dead - Two Alleged Killers Face Long Prison Terms

While hndreds of thousands of mainly young people are dead or in jail from deals going bad, robberies, shootings, killing and maiming, our politicians turn a dead ear on legalizing the growing and use of this ILLEGAL  drug.

Why? Because of the hundreds of thousands security and failed eradicators would be out of a job. Plus the blue-noses who THINK their children aren't users. No, I am not a user nor is anyone in my immediate family. But I could name dozens of users and point out the residences of illegal sellers.

Would I? No, because marijuana use should long ago been legalized..

I have never said marijuana was GOOD for anyone to use it except for medical purposes. But facts are FACTS and millions pf people in the U.S.A use it much the same as alcohol which is the DEADLIEST of all drugs, legal and available EVERYWHERE.

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