Monday, July 17, 2017

Abortion - A Subject I Seldom Blog About.

Latest clamor for preventing a baby be born comes from Ex-Peoria Mayor Lowell  "Bud" Grieves. His term or terms were not favorably memorable.  I doubt whether Bud has spent much time with pregnant teenager's with no money, no admitted father, often no home to live in besides Grandma or MAYBE a Mom and Dad, often one of both, on drugs. I doubt that Bud has ever set foot in Planned Parenthood. or made an unannounced visit to a south end public school classroom.

Enough already. But one last question to Bud. How many kids have you adopted, raised and how did they ALL turn out??

Bud always tries to say he is a good Christian, but lost in the news was the time he, while allegedly intoxicated, backed into a light pole in the parking lot of a downtown business he once owned. Fortunately, he did not get out on the highway. Bud; good Christians don't get drunk and hit  an unmovable object.

Bud is allegedly a very wealthy man. If he didn't adopt any of these unwanted or mother unable to support and raise her child so put her child  up for adoption, what a hypocrite he is.

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