Friday, July 14, 2017

Nonnie Darwish - A Brave and Brilliant Historical Author

I have written many blogs about the the influx of Muslims who bear more children by at least a three to one margin over Caucasians. This brilliant and brave author has written 2 books that are a must read for people like myself and Ray V. who sent me a reminder email. I tried to post his email to my blog site but, as usual, failed.

The books are "Cruel and Usual Punishment: Terrifying Global Implications". and "Joys of Muslim Women" by Nonnie Darwish of course.

Some may recall the overthrow of the Shah in Iran so many fateful years ago. How the Iranians who were considered friends by the Caucasian inhabitants of Iran, were murdered by these "long time friends" during and after the revolt that put the again terrifying Ayatollahs in power.

This country is headed for a revolution. I earlier predicted it would come in 25 years. Now I've narrowed to time frame to 15 years as many mis-led blacks are and will convert to Islamic faith. Where the Hispanics, who also birth far faster than Caucasians, will side on is unknown, but I do know that in 15 years, slightly more or less, California and possibly Arizona and New Mexico will break off from the U.S.A. and no Civil war will stop them.

Again, do not mis-quote me. I have long afo posted that I do not paint all ethnic groups with the same brush. I dare you to read these books instead of continuing to succumb to the Socialist Hollywood types, some big money people like the CEO of JP Morgan and George Soros.

Events are moving at warp speed. A third Party in the U.S.A. may slow the process. Both the Republicans and of course the Democrats are speeding up the possibility of a third party.

Many of our forbears predicted that if this ccountry did what they feared, this country may someday be controlled by a Putin type perso. Putin is a strong leader but Trump nor I believe him to be a "just" leader. But stong he is, deny it or not.

Facts hurt. The fact that as many as 20 million married, married the wrong person. For most, it is too late to get out. Don't let our country wait until it is too late to get out of the direction we are heading.

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